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 Tropical Pet Oasis is a family owned and locally active business that works with nearly everything fish related since 2011. Our goal is to help you achieve your underwater dream aquarium, without the hassle or headache. We are a small family owned business with over 20 years of experience in maintaining and caring for Fresh and Marine aquariums. We pride ourselves in our careful consideration and research that is made when choosing quality aquarium products and the equipment we carry. We only carry the highest quality product. Why? The main reason is the health and well-being of all your Fresh and Marine inhabitants. These products make it easier to care and maintain your aquarium so you can enjoy your hobby. Because this hobby shouldn't have to be built on frustration, but rather on fun!  We love what we do because of the people, products and excitement! There is always time to share photos with us about your ideas and goals.  
"I have enjoyed the aquarium hobby since I was 6 years old. My love of keeping fish has grown every year since. In the past, I have breed Central American Cichlids though out my teenage years and can't remember a time when I did not have a tank in my home. I turned my passion into a business thats feels like I am still living a dream. My family shares my love of keeping freshwater fish and marine fish and corals. I enjoy doing research on freshwater livestock, marine livestock, corals and equipment; I take pride in educating my customers and sharing the passion of the hobby." - Tommy (owner)

We Proudly Carry

  1. What's The Catch?
    We have all been there...a tank that is just not going in the direction you want. Here are three tips on keeping your dream aquarium alive and well! These are simple practices that are often overlooked in the hobby that almost every hobbist should keep in mind!

  1. The Rule of 10
    Try to make a haibit of changing 10% of your aquarium water each week. It can really make a difference over time! Click for more details!
  2. Less is best
    In general, it's beneficial to cut back on feeding your fish if you are feeding more than once a day and/or everyday. Click for more details!
  3. Patience
    The Great Barrier Reef wasn't built in a day! An aquarium will take some time to mature and really show its full colors! Click for more details!